Snowflake is one amoung the leading manufacturing company and distributers in India which deals with Molded Sugar Cone . Recognized in the year 2006 with brand SNOWFLAKE situated in Tattamangalam at Palakkad in the southern India state of Kerala. Our wide range of customers include Lazza, Pappai, Milma.. etc. we distributed products without compromising in quality of products and service. Snow flake have wide range of products fulfils international standards and high quality to meet the requirements of the food and packaging industry. All our products maintain high quality, reliability and excellence in manufacturing standards. Every products for our clients every products is sold at nominal prices, we also ensure timely delivery of goods with safe and secure packing at all times for customer satisfaction.

Hygiene & Reliability are the main factors at all times for any food industry and especially for cones

Taste is the key factor in the snowflake cone manufacturing department. We make sure that our cake cones are crispy while the biscuit cones are crunchy and sweet but not too hard or over-powering in sugar content to complement the ice cream.

Our cones department make sure that the Shapes and patterns which affect baking characteristics and taken care of. Our finished cone is uniform in color as well as shiny outer covering

We make sure that the sweetness and taste of the cone is maintained till the last bite you taste since the cone is the last thing that the consumer taste to compete with the fun filled ice cream


  1. Manufacturing
  2. Marketing and exporting products
  3. Products are reliable
  4. Safe and secure packing
  5. Timely delivery